Best Tyre For Honda Activa

We have shortlisted the best tyres for Honda Activa that will last longer and would be most value for money.

Honda Activa is the most sold scooty in The Indian Market. It has been there for decades now and has been updated every time to match the taste of people. 

Best Tyre For Honda Activa

Honda Activa can be Classified into two models which can be further classified into many. 

  1. Activa 110cc (From 2009-2019) 
  2. Activa 125cc
The Tyre Sizes for Activa 110cc (Except Activa 6g) are:
  • Front: 90/100-10
  • Rear: 90/100-10
The Tyre Sizes for Activa 125cc and Activa 6g are:
  • Front: 90/90-12
  • Rear: 90/100-10
This means that the same tyre can be used for the front and rear of honda Activa 110cc and kn the rear side of Activa 6g and 125.

If you are still unable to find the size, you can check it by looking at the sides of your tyre. It is clearly mentioned there. 

Best 90/100-10 Tyres For Activa

Michelin City Pro 90/100-10

Michelin is one of the best Tyre Manufacturers in the World and is operating in India for the past 10 years now. They have rapidly increased their distribution network and have established a good market here in India. 

There tyres are a bit costlier than the other competitors but are worth it as they last longer. 

The tyre gets warranty on pro-rata basis in case of Manufacturing Defects. 

Mrf 90/100-10 Zapper 

Mrf is the Most Demanded Tyre Brand in the Indian Market. People here have a great believe in it's supremacy. 

Mrf 90/100-10 Zapper is the most sold and common tyre and you can spot it in 7 out of 10 scooters. 

Tvs Eurogrip Teg Contra 90/100-10

Tvs Eurogrip is a collaborative effort of Both Tvs Motors and Eurogrip. But the truth is that the Tvs tyres are mosty spotted on Tvs bikes and scooters and only a few people use it on other brand vehicles. 

Tvs Eurogrip Contra is a good tyre for all kind of terrains and provide equally well performance. 

Ceat Milaze 90/100-10

Ceat is the oldest manufacturer of tyres in India. The company was established in the year 1958 in Italy but was later acquired by RPG Group in 1981.

Ceat Milaze comes with continuous and deeper grooves that are most suitable for the rear tyres. It provides excellent grip on and off road. The wider grooves also help in better grip in wet conditions. 

Jk Tyre Blaze 90/100-10

Jk Tyre Blaze has a zigzag center grooves for suitablity on all kinds of terrains and cross cut grooves & rigid shoulder design for better grip while turning. 

It comes with 3 years of unconditional warranty and 6 years of warranty on manufacturing defects which is maximum in the segment. 

Apollo ActiGrip 90/100-10

Apollo ActiGrip has a superior long lasting paw shaped block tread grip that provides enhanced grip on different surfaces. 

Wrapping Up:

All the brands are reputed and are good in one or the other things. But our recommendation is to use Michelin Tyres for the best riding experience. If you don't find it in the market near you can go with any brand that is mentioned in the list. 

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