Best Engine Oil For Tvs Apache Rtr

Over the years people have showered great love for Tvs and their Vehicles. Today, Tvs Apache Rtr has covered a good market in a concise time. 

Today we will be shortlisting some of the best engine oils for the Apache Rtr. 

Best Engine Oil For Tvs Apache

This post will be covering Apache RTR 160 & Apache RTR 180.

If you own an RTR 160 4V Or RTR 200 4V check out this article. 

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Before we start, let us discuss a few frequently asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Which viscosity grade Engine Oil should we use in Tvs Apache? 

The recommended engine oil viscosity grade for Tvs Apache Rtr is 10w 30.

Q. What is the engine oil capacity of Tvs Apache Rtr? 

The engine oil capacity is 1 Liter in case of regular service. In case of engine overhaul, it is recommended to use 1.1L Or 1100ml of oil. 

Q. What is the drain interval for engine oil in Tvs Apache Rtr? 

In the case of Mineral oil, the drain interval is 2000 km while on the other hand if you have used a semi-synthetic oil the drain interval is 3500 km. 

Also, you should change the engine oil annually which means that if you have even not ridden your bike for the prescribed limit you need to change it in a year. 

Q. When should I change the Oil Filter in Tvs Apache Rtr

Oil filters should be changed every time during the change of Engine Oil. This ensures the long life of the engine and better efficiency of the new engine oil. 

Best Engine Oil for Tvs Apache Rtr 

Motul 5100 10w30

Brand: Motul
Quantity: 1L
Viscosity Grade: 10w 30
Oil Type: Semi Synthetic
Drain Interval: 4000 km

Motul 5100 is a Technosynthese Oil (Semi-Synthetic) manufactured in Vietnam and then imported to India. 

This Oil Meets the API SM and JASO MA2 Specifications. This oil provides extremely good thermal resistance and stability with improved oil resistance at higher temperatures. 

Castrol Power 10w30

Brand: Castrol
Quantity: 1L
Viscosity Grade: 10w 30
Oil Type: Semi Synthetic
Drain Interval: 3500 km

Castrol is one of the most renowned brands in India and Castrol Power is an Advanced premium quality oil that comes with Synthetic Technology. 

This oil provides excellent protection, acceleration and a smoother riding experience. 

Tvs Tru4 10w30

Brand: Tvs
Quantity: 1L
Viscosity Grade: 10w 30
Oil Type: Synthetic
Drain Interval: 3500 km

This oil is marketed by Tvs Motors under their own branding. It is a Synthetic Oil and meets the API SL and JASO MA2 certifications. 

This oil provides a decent performance and is recommended by TVS to be used in RTR. 

There is nothing much to say about this oil as you must have used this oil during the free service days and would have experienced the performance of this oil. 

Shell Fuel Save Ax7 10w30

Brand: Shell
Quantity: 1L
Viscosity Grade: 10w 30
Oil Type: Semi Synthetic
Drain Interval: 3500 km

Shell is the leading engine oil manufacturer for the past 15 years globally. The oil is designed to give extra mileage of 5 km per litre and 29% better protection at Higher temperatures than the competitors. Also, it provides 36% of better wear and tear protection against industrial limits. 

The Pureplus technology provides excellent friction control and helps in smooth clutch and gear shifting boosting the mileage of the vehicle. 

For the daily Riders, this oil is highly recommended as it can help a lot in increasing Fuel Efficiency and thus saving a good sum of money.

Servo Synth 10w30

Brand: Servo
Quantity: 1L
Viscosity Grade: 10w 30
Oil Type: Synthetic
Drain Interval: 3500 km

Servo Synth is manufactured by Indian Oil Corporation which is one of the largest petroleum suppliers in India. 

This oil is a High-quality SAE 10W-30 grade engine oil designed with synthetic chemistry of base oil and additives for bikes and scooters for better engine cleanliness, wear and tear protection and long life of the engine. 

It meets the API SM and JASO MA 2 specifications. 

Mobil Super Moto 10w30

Brand: Mobil
Quantity: 1L
Viscosity Grade: 10w 30
Oil Type: Mineral-Based Synthetic Technology
Drain Interval: 3000 km

In India, people usually are confused between the terms engine oil and Mobil they often regard them as the same.

Mobil is an American brand that is known as the founder of Engine Oil. This first vehicle, the first aircraft and the first rocket were fueled with Mobil Engine Oil. 

Mobil Super Moto is a Synthetic Technology oil and is an entry-level oil. There is nothing much that you can expect from this oil. It would provide a decent, smooth and sleek riding experience. Using this oil would be better than using the other mineral oils in the market

Castrol Activ Stop Start 10w30

Brand: Castrol
Quantity: 1L
Viscosity Grade: 10w 30
Oil Type: Mineral-Based Synthetic Technology
Drain Interval: 2000 km 

Castrol Activ is an entry-level oil providing a decent performance for all those on a very tight budget and is not in any mood to spend any extra amount. 

This oil is a mineral-based synthetic technology oil that provides better performance than regular mineral engine oils. 

Which oil is Best for me? 

The Best choice of Engine oil for Apache RTR 160 is Motul 5100 10w30. It provides extremely good performance than its competitors. The oil suits all kinds of conditions and passes all the steps to become the best oil in our recommendation. 

For someone who is quite budget orientated, I would suggest they go with Mobil Super Moto rather than any other engine oil as it is quite a value-for-money kind of oil. 

For the daily riders, it's suggested to go with Shell Fuel Save. This oil improves fuel efficiency and helps in saving a lot of money. 

How to Check Engine Oil in Tvs Apache? 

Check out this YouTube video guide and follow the steps to check the engine oil level in apache rtr. 

How to Change Engine Oil in Tvs Apache? 

To change the Engine Oil put your vehicle in the centre stand, get the tools ready and follow the YouTube tutorial to change the engine oil yourself. 

Wrapping Things Up! 

I have covered several popular engine oils that are compatible with apache as per their viscosity grades. 

All the oils mentioned come from Globally recognized brands and are good in one or the other things. You can choose any one of them as per your needs and preference. 

If you have any other suggestions or recommendations feel free to put them down in the comments box below. We would love to include it in our list. 

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